The office environments of today are completely different from those that were there 50 years ago. Back then, it was a labour-intensive work environment where most of the operations were conducted by people and as a result the overall productivity of organizations in general was significantly low. Today however, the average office has transformed into a technology-intensive one where man and machine work in collaboration to provide the customers with a premium level service using technology. In this article we shall look into three technological that must be present in your office to make all day to day operations as well as the strategic decision-making activities a lot more efficient.

Video conferencing

Long gone are the days when you had to travel thousands of miles for hours and hours to talk with an overseas client about a major project. Video conferencing is one of the most revolutionary feats of modern day technology and it has had a significant impact on the overall productivity of organizations around the world. With the aid of a webcam, an audio-video system and a LTE Cat 4 router anyone can conduct an effective face to face meeting with anyone from anywhere of the world. This communication method is adopted by all businesses alike, regardless of their size and calibre because of the major savings on time, money and effort that can be realized by it.

Invest on MSPs

MSPs or managed service providers are parties external to an organization, who will perform certain operations that are not profitable for an organisation to perform in-house. The concept of outsourcing is applied to many areas of a business and information technology is one commonly outsourced function of many organization. Especially if yours is a small or medium sized business, hiring a trained IT professional is a little too much to ask for and with the added cost of equipment, maintenance and staff requirements it could turn into a major money pit. While your office may possess some basic tech-stuff such as a 4G router, a paper shredder or a photo copier machine, by delegating the IT function to an experienced third party, you will be able to gain access to the latest technology that they possess and enhance the overall efficiency of the organization.

Accounting software

No matter how good your accounts department is, over time, this function become an awful lot of work and in most organizations that still depend on physical book keeping, accounting is one of the functions that uses up a large proportion of the organizational process. Accounting software, most of which are available online for free, will definitely make the lives of your accountants simpler and help them deliver a faster and more accurate service.